Viewing the full Originality (Plagiarism) report

Viewing the full Originality (Plagiarism) report

That’s how full Originality Report looks like.


Viewing Similarity Matches by sentences


*If you see text, highlighted in Light grayish blue colour it means for these parts Noplag found matches elsewhere (Web, Noplag Database, Publications, My Library).

Viewing Similarity Matches sources


* You can view the source for each of individual matches Noplag found.

Omitting Similarity Matches


*If you think that any of the matches Noplag found is not relevant or should not be considered in the similarity index, you can omit it.

Restoring Omitted Similarity Matches


*When you Omit or Restore Similarity Matches, Similarity Index changes accordingly. 

Viewing sources against which the file was checked


*You can see in the report what sources your file was compared to.

Zoom in and Zoom out the Text


*Adjust text size according to your needs by zooming it in and out.

Report Settings: Change Report background color


*You can change report background color from Dark to White & vise versa. 

Report Settings: Exclude Quotes


*By default Noplag will show matches for the quoted text, you can exclude such matches from the Similarity index, from the settings menu.

Report Settings: Include Small Matches


*Small matches include anything of 6 or fewer words. You can choose to include it. 

Report Settings: Include Matches by


*You can choose to include matches starting from a specific amount of words or percentage. (10 words + or 15% of plagiarism +)

Report Settings: Exclude Check results of entire source type 


*You can exclude entire source check results. For example, exclude entire Web check results, instead of excluding it match by match in the list of matches.

Additional menu option in the Report (Download, Share or Delete)


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