Report statuses (In Queue, Checking, Checked, Error)

Report statuses (In Queue, Checking, Checked, Error)

There are 4 main statuses you may encounter when submitting your file(s) for checking. Report status is located in the lower left side of each of the report pane. 

In queue – it means that your file(s) has been successfully submitted and awaiting for Noplag plagiarism checker to start analyzing it. Usually it takes a few seconds, before status changes to either Checking or Error. 


Checking – this process takes from a few seconds to a few minutes which depends on the file size and type of sources you picked to check against. On the report pane you can monitor against what sources (Web, Noplag Database, Publications, My Library) Noplag checks your file(s). 


Checked – it means we have finished checking your file(s) and you can now view the full detailed report by clicking on the Report pane. 


In order to see if Noplag found any similarities, you can just hover your mouse over the Report pane.


Error – unfortunately, it means that we have failed to check your file(s). Usually it is due to the technical issues. Please note, that we do not charge for unsuccessful checks, so you may resubmit your file(s) again and see if it works. If you get Error status for the second time, please report it to Noplag Support so we can check on it.


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