How to check for plagiarism?

How to check for plagiarism?

Noplag Plagiarism Checker offers the variety of sources to compare your document to, you will receive only relevant and up to date information, which you can rely on. 


In order to check for plagiraism accurately, on the professional level, first you will need to Register & Deposit funds to your account. Then, please follow these simple steps:

Go to New Check tab in the upper left side of the menu



You will be asked to Drag & Drop your file, Browse it on your computer or you can Copy & Paste the text


Copy & Paste
copyandpaste12Drag & Drop

Once your document is successfully uploaded you will be redirected to the Double Check page
This is a page where you can Enter or Edit title, as it will be visible in the report & check how many pages you will be charged for. If everything looks good, please click on Next. 


One last step before we Start Checking, you need to choose against what Sources you want the file(s) to be checked (Web, Publications, Noplag Database, My Library)


  • Click on the Source to select it, once selected it will be highlighted in color, if not, will be gray; 
  • You can select more than 1 source to check against;
  • Total – will indicate how much you will be charged for the check; 
  • To check against My Library, first you will need to upload files there. Checking against My Library (Your own files) is FREE

Click on Start Checking, once you are ready.
You will be redirected to the Reports page, where you can see checking status of the reports.


Rules & Limits:

– You can’t upload more than 20 files for simultaneous check. 
– We accept files only in the following format – doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .odt, .html & .pdf.
– 1 page according to Nopag policy is 1000 characters;
– Maximum pages to check per one document (file) is 100 pages. 

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