Checking for plagiarism against the Web (Internet)

Checking for plagiarism against the Web (Internet)

Internet check is offered by a variety of services, however it doesn’t mean it is all the same and as easy as it sounds.
In order for your text to be checked through the Internet, we have developed a unique algorithm which is brought to you in top notch, user friendly design to make it hassle free. At the same time, it is a big machine which helps you write authentically.

Internet check – compares your text to billions and billions of internet pages. You can check the exact number of indexed Web pages here – World Wide Websize.  Noplag compares your Text or Document (File) to all of them. 


In order to check for plagiarism against the Web (Internet) click on:

New Check



Upload file(s) or Copy & Paste the text



Wait for file(s) to upload & click on Next



Choose Web as the source to check against & click on Start Checking



It may take from a few seconds to a few minutes before Noplag produces a detailed Originality (Plagiarism) Report, it mostly depends on the file size. 

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