Checking for plagiarism against My Library

Checking for plagiarism against My Library

My Library – is where all your submitted files are stored. You can create multiple Libraries, create multiple folders and upload unlimited number of file(s) there. Basically you can create your own repository of files and check for plagiarism against it. 

This will come handy to Teachers, Writers and Students who need to check for similarities (plagiarism) among students’ submitted papers, writers previously submitted articles or any other personal database of files. 


In order to check for plagiarism against My Library click on:

New Check


Upload file(s) or Copy & Paste the text



Wait for file(s) to upload & click on Next



Choose My Library as the source to check against & click on Start Checking



It may take from a few seconds to a few minutes before Noplag produces a detailed Originality (Plagiarism) Report, it mostly depends on the file size. 

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