How to move Folders & Files?

How to move Folders & Files?  You can move Folder from one Library to another or to other Folders. Files too can be moved from one Folder or Library to another. Moving folders Moving Files

How to Archive/ Un-Archive Libraries & Folders?

How to Archive /Un-Archive Libraries & Folders? You can Archive and Un-archive Libraries & Folders from the tile view menu or open it and click on menu inside. It applies for both Libraries & Folders. From the tile menu From inside Library/ Folder menu

How to delete uploaded file(s)?

How to delete uploaded file(s)? Please note that once the file is deleted, Noplag will not be able to restore it. You can always Archive your file instead, if you may need to check against it in future.

How to upload and view file(s)?

  How to upload and view file(s)? You can upload files directly to the Library or Folder.  Library Folder You can view uploaded file(s) in your Libraries and Folders, depending on where the file(s) was uploaded to.